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Sikh Marriages and Caste sikh couple holding hands in wedding attire

Who remembers the classic track by Edwin Starr, “War”? Well in a similar vain, today we’re asking, “Caste, what is it good for?”… “Absolutely nothing”!

The purpose of this article isn’t to regurgitate what many other sites have already covered, there won’t be any coverage of how or why the Sikh caste system evolved or how Guru Gobind Singh Ji sought to abolish the ancient Hindu caste practices. The purpose of this brief article is simply to highlight that we’re in the 21st century, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Whether you identify yourself as Jatt, Kamboj, Ramagaria, Saini, Khatri or one of the other myriad of documented Sikh castes, how many of you are maintaining your ancestral occupation and pursuing careers as farmers, carpenters or traders? I for one am not farming, I’m sitting here writing an article to express my frustration with the Sikh communities archaic obsession with the caste system. A community that was formed on the premise of equality. Sadly however, based on what we see on matrimonial sites and in popular culture, inequality and segmentation is rife, when based on the teachings of the Gurus, inequality should have been confined to the history books. ‘Intercaste marriage’ should not be a phrase that needs to exist.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji 1699

Sikh Caste and Matchmaking

So why are we talking about this topic? Because, it often rears its head at the time of matchmaking, and with being a Sikh matrimonial site it’s only appropriate that we address the elephant in the room ‘caste’.

The reasoning behind peoples preference to remain within certain castes can be complex, some bow to peer pressure, some feel a sense of superiority, whilst others choose to seek those with the same or similar castes due to a perception that they have a similar culture and shared traditions (i.e. Zamindar and Agriculturist).

Whatever the reason, just remember you’re searching for your soulmate, and if you believe ‘Rab Ne Banaiyan Jodiyaan’, then please don’t insist on categorising people in to buckets based on historical social stratification. People are people, if you want to find the one, then base your search on criteria that really matters, find someone who is on your wavelength, likes travelling, enjoys munching on galab jamuns and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek.

In closing, if you choose to search for a partner with caste as an item on your tick list, that’s your prerogative, however Sikhism does not endorse caste based distinctions in society and we feel that this is a problem that needs to be addressed. So how do we address this issue?

The answer is simple, “caste no bar”, not just words but in action. Find someone who makes you happy, not just because they are the same caste.

We hope you find the right one 🙏🏽




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