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Who is this site for?

Firstly, as the name suggests, ‘SeekSikh’ the website serves those that identify as belonging to the Sikh religion. Although there is no requirement for the members of this service to be Amritdhari we do request that members uphold Sikh values, including a strong belief in equality, selfless
service and honest conduct and livelihood.

Secondly, members of this website should be serious about finding a life partner, anyone who is reported as misusing the service will be barred.

How much will it cost to use the website?

NOTHING. You can join for FREE and gain FULL access to the site, we are a limited company with a social purpose! We realise how difficult it is for singletons to find the ‘one’ and we’ve heard stories of people spending £thousands to find their Sikh soulmate, we don’t think that’s right. So, consider this a form of Seva (or Sewa) that we are performing for the Sikh community; we’re providing a platform that will hopefully help you to find someone that makes you happy.

Being candid (again), we would however welcome monetary donations towards the development, running and maintenance of the site which is run by volunteers. Further details around our mission statement will be released in due course.

I’m in Timbuktu, can I register?

Yes, however at the time of launch the service will be promoted primarily within the UK so if you are in Timbuktu, the USA, Canada, India or wherever – you may not find many members in your area.

Do SeekSikh verify the ID of the members?

We do not ask for or verify member identification or background history. Therefore, it is imperative that you perform your own checks as appropriate – do not take people at face value and if something doesn’t add up then please report the member profile to SeekSikh so that it can be removed.

Do I have to upload a photo?

Although not a strict requirement, we would strongly recommend that you do upload at least one portrait photo. However, do not feel obliged to add a photo to your profile, but research does show that profiles with photos are more likely to be viewed. First impressions count!

Do SeekSikh run any in-person events?

We’re barely running the website at this stage, but on a serious note we are not yet running any physical events although that is the eventual aim. So if you see anything tagged as a ‘SeekSikh’ event, please report it to us. When we do run our first event, you’ll definitely know about it!

Are SeekSikh affiliated with any organisations?

We may at times cite an organisation (or Harjap Bangal), however we are not officially or unofficially affiliated with any religious, charitable or commercial organisations or individuals.

Are my details shared with any third parties?

SeekSikh will not intentionally share or sell your personal details with any third parties.



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